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Are you new to online payments?

  • First you must contact your colombian bank to request a second key for the payment by Internet PSE or make the application for a credit card.


  • On the internet, it is very easy to find and compare information, so it is advisable to read the description of the product you want to buy, to avoid inconvenience in delivery


  • Choose which products and services you want to buy, select the different additional options that increase or decrease the price and add it to the shopping cart using the buy button.


  • If you have finished adding all items to the shopping cart as in a supermarket you can proceed to cancel at the checkout, there you will be asked for the details of billing, shipping and payment method.


  • Payments in Colombia are made through PayU, selecting the means of payment of your choice: credit card, cash or bank transfer, international payments can be made through credit cards using PayPal or through a transfer international.


  • If you want to make the payment for any of the virtual platforms you will be redirected to a totally secure and award-winning site to enter your bank details and make the payment.


  • Afterwards you will receive a confirmation from your bank and in your email of the status of your order as well as the payment status, then you will be redirected to the website so you can continue looking at more articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿What should I do if the window closes or the internet connection drops?

First you must check if the money was debited in your bank account or credit card, if you have not done it you can enter again to make the payment.


¿What supports do I get when I make the payment?

When making the debit of your account the bank generates a voucher, when returning to the transactional page a payment receipt is generated, which you have the option to print it.

Save the confirmation pages

Be sure to save or print the payment confirmation page once you complete the purchase.

Choose difficult passwords

Using difficult passwords helps prevent fraudulent activity