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Professional Boards Repairs

Kitesurf - Windsurf - Surf - Race - Foils

harold.jpgAt Cogua Custom we have almost 20 years of experience in repairing boards, through which we have developed novel techniques and procedures that combine aesthetic, functional and resistant factors, providing all our customers solutions to all types of problems that could present their board as:

  Partial or total delamination 
  Complete breakdown of tables into two and three pieces 
  Maintenance service for blows, scratches etc. •
  Sinking Fiber and Foam •

Personalization Services:

 Changes graphics
  Installing Handle •
  Straps Location •
  Modifying the board sizes •
  Tips or cuts Tips •
  Color Changes •

Kite Repair

Specialized Service

harold.jpgKitesurf kites and Windsurf sails are very prone to tearing and major ruptures with the heavy blows produced by falling into the water, we understand the need of our customers to repair kites and sails, without affecting the flight and performance of these.

That's why we have more than 15 years in the repair of rigging where we have developed novel repair techniques, which give all our customers the security of having a specialized and reliable work in damages such as:

• Complex breakages in comets.
• Repairs due to manufacturing defects in the rigging.
• Changing windows in monofilm and kevlar on windsurfing sails.
• Specialized Bladers repair.
• Ripping with Ripstol tape.

Repair or sale accessories for:

• Sabers, Cambers, Pulleys, Covers and tip sails.
• Mast, Boom, Extensions, fins.
• Among others.