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Team Cogua Kiteboarding



Luis Cruz

International Cogua Rider, winner of the MAI TAI / WORLD KITEBOARDING LEAGUE - CABARETE Dominican Republic 2016. It is characterized for performing tricks in power of very high complexity and perfect landings..

Linked to the development of the freestyle boards and approving the different resistances of the Cogua models. 

• Place of Birth: Cabarete, Dominican Republic
• Spots: Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
• Modalities: Freestyle / SurfKite



Jordy Timaná

Young rider who has a very high level in Freestyle, has won several national championships, becoming one of the best national riders and being a great promise for this sport in the country.

Characterized by clean tricks and great heights framed in a subtle and elegant style.

• Place of Birth: San Andrés Islands, Colombia.
• Spots: Lake Calima, San Andrés Islands.
• Modalities: Freestyle / Old School